Last week-end I took a walk to Vallaurette, high in the Vallée des Merveilles.
No snow yet, streams were not even frozen yet. It won’t last.


A butsudan is a shrine used in Buddhist culture. This one is made with the same elm wood that I used for a coopered box. Difficult to work because it is so hard, but it has a wonderful color and grain.

Ripping a pear tree

A friend allowed me to saw his pear tree. I made 5 nice boards, about 1.30m long and 6cm thick. The widest are 40cm wide, with a wonderful pink color.
We will see how it ages. Next step is in about 3 or 4 years, when it is dry enough to make furniture. Watch this space!

Elm Coopered Box

I just finished this box with coopered top. The wood is from elm that a local farmer cut down when they died from the elm disease 30 years ago. It is dry alright. Difficult to work though.

Art Déco Desk in Maple

Here is another desk in maple in the spirit of Jean-Michel Frank.